AAA/Moose Bail Bonds

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Las Cruces, New Mexico

What type of bonds do we post:

Surety or sometimes referred to as Secured.

What is the fee:

All Bonding companies in New Mexico charge 10% of the bond amount. 1000.00 x 10% = 100.00

Collateral Reguired:

We may ask for collateral. What you place in trust with us is returned when the case is complete. 


Municipal, Magistrate, District.

Do I have to be in las cruces to post bond?

​No, we can make the arrangements over the phone.

Payment plans:

we offer payment plans on a case by case basis.

Type of Payment:

We accepts all cards as well as cash,money orders,wire transfers.

 Dona Ana Detention Center:

1850 Copper Loop, Las Cruces

Bail Bonds in Las Cruces,New Mexico the state of new mexico/nationwide

If you have any question call us anytime day or night we never close. 575-993-0290 Cell.